Keyboard Pad and Mouse Pad.A Keyboard Pad and a Mouse Pad can help keep your wrists from hurting if you are on the computer a lot. This one from CushionCare is really nice.

I have been using these for almost a month now. I love them both.

They have a no skid back on them so they don’t slide around.

The cushion holds your wrist up where it should be, so my hands don’t get as tired as they used to, and my wrists don’t hurt as much.

They can still hurt some especially if I am on the computer playing a game for hours. If I’m just typing a post or scrolling on social sites for a bit my wrists don’t hurt at all now.

These look nice too.

The keyboard pad and mouse pad on my desk.The wrist rest attached to the mouse pad is a great idea. If you move your mouse pad the wrist pad goes with it.

The last one I tried was separate and kept falling off the desk. This one will not fall off, unless the whole thing comes down, which has not happened yet.

I like this set of wrist pads. They work.


I received a free product to review.


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