Rotating Motion Sensor LED light.This motion sensor night light is great for dark hallways. Or any spot that needs some extra light.

I put it in our hallway. It lights up when one of us walks close to it.

The light has already prevented me from setting on the dog a couple of times. She likes to lay in the hall, and it is hard to see her there when it is dark.

Motion sensor light in our hallway.

This light can be attached with screws, or with a sticky pad, which is what we did. We did it that way because we were not sure if it would be left there.

You can pull the light out of the holder and carry it somewhere with you if you need to. It also rotates a full 360°s, so you can point the light wherever you want it.

It will only come on when it is dark. So during the day it usually does not. Except when the doors are closed, or it is rainy, and no light is coming in at all.

It is a very bright light too. Lights up the hall and the bathroom.

You will need 3 AA batteries to put in it.


I received a free or discounted product to review.



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