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I have one $15 dollar Wal-mart gift card to give away. That may not seem like much…until you think about what you can get for 15 dollars at Wal-mart. For that amount you can get several bags of mulch or lots of garden seeds.  A cute baby dress or two. If you catch a sale you might even get some jeans. Or you could go for some household cleaning products…a large bottle of laundry soap?, a swifter cleaner?, or maybe furniture polish? Or maybe go for some new make up, nail polish, or even perfume!

If this blog gets 175 or more followers during the giveaway I’ll throw in a book or two and maybe have a second place winner of a book. If it gets over 250 I might throw in some more! I suppose that could actually happen if I publicize this post really well. If things get really nuts and it goes over 300…well I’ll think about that if it happens!

The books will come from a stack of books on my desk that I need to find a new home for. They are all good books..even the ones I got used are in good shape and the ones I bought myself have only been read once. All but two of them are non-fiction.

One of the fiction books is a new paperback copy of Dean Koontz The Taking. We ended up with two copies so this one is actually brand has just sat on the bookshelf for about a month now. Someone should read it! The other is a  science fiction book Expendable by James Alan Gardner. That link is to a paper back, the one I have is hardback. Both are good books.

The non-fiction titles are:
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff in Love by Richard Carlson. Ph.D and Kristine Carlson
The Glamour of Grammar by Roy Peter Clark
The Dance of Connection  by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D
Conquering Fear by Harold S. Kushner (I have the 2009 edition-slightly different from the one in the link)
Keep the Pigs Out by Don Dickerman
Why Our Health Matters by Andrew Weil, M.D. (my copy is paperback.)
Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired by Emily Koltnow and Lynne S. Dumas (this is an old book from 1990 but still good and the copy I have has a different cover than in the link.)

If it looks like I’m getting close to the mark then I might post some reviews and link to them from this post. I might do that anyway since I need something to blog about.

Here are the rules :

Mandatory entry : Since this is a Follower Celebration you must (absolutely, positively must!) be a Public Google Friend Connect Follower and Comment telling me what item/items  you would use the gift card for.

Extra Entries : You must comment once per entry and if your email is not in your profile you must (absolutely must!!) put it in the comments.

1. Subscribe to my email feed (left sidebar). 1 entries

2. Follow me @elleberra on Twitter and leave your twitter name. 1 entry

3. Tweet about the giveaway and leave me a link. 1 entry per day

4. Add the link to a giveaway linky and let me know where it is.  2 entries

5. Blog about the giveaway with a link to the giveaway and leave me a link to your post. 5 entries

6. Add this post to any social media site and leave me a link. (does not include twitter-since that is a separate entry.) You can use the Add to Any gadget at the bottom of the post. 2 entries for each site.

7. Add any of my posts that are not about giveaways to a social media site (You can use the add to any gadget under the post) and leave me a link. 2 entries

This giveaway will end on Monday the 28th of March at 8pm Central time and is open to US only. I will use to pick the winner and will email them. If they don’t get back to me in 24 hours I will email them again. If they haven’t gotten in touch 24 hours after that…I will pick a new winner and do it all again.

Once the winner has given me the necessary information I will send them their prize. I am not responsible for whatever happens after the item leaves my hands…If mailed tracking numbers will be supplied but I’m not gonna follow the mailman to make sure he does it right :p I’m also not responsible for any emails getting lost in the ether..but that is one reason I’m emailing the winner twice..that has happened to me and it sucks.

Just for the record : no  one provided anything for this giveaway. I got the gift card myself. If any books get added they will be ones I have on hand already.

**This is the first giveaway I have done…If you see any mistakes or think there is something I left out that should be there…or just have any suggestions…please post them on my last post before this one..or email me.

Thanks! Elle

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