Murphy’s Law Strikes Again

December 17, 2011

You know Murphy’s Law right?  The one that says if anything CAN go wrong it WILL? Well it did.

I read a corollary once too…that said it would go wrong at the worst possible time. Guess what? It did.

My hubby is no longer among the gainfully employed. Just before Christmas. Does that suck or what?

Even worse the bills haven’t gone away. And I can tell you for an absolute fact that Lawyers fees suck.

And I had a birthday. Which is better than not having one I admit…but those numbers keep going up! I’m getting old.

The hormones are changing too. I’m not sure I can handle a man being underfoot all day. I’ll have to hire him out for some ditch digging if nothing else.

Does anyone want to buy some advertising space? I have some available.

And to top it all off I was going to get on rafflecopter to moderate a giveaway and start another one…but they wouldn’t let me! They claim there has been a volcanic explosion! LOL. I really like that 404 page.

I’ll get my next review/giveaway post up this evening or tomorrow. After Rafflecopter gets everything cleaned up.