Don’t Forget To Worm Your Pet

September 1, 2012

Dog WormerOne of my chickens got sick recently and apparently one of the possible causes of the problem is worms.

Chickens can get the same sorts of worms as dogs and cats and need to be wormed on a regular basis to prevent problems.

Worms can prevent the animal from getting the nutrients in the food and can cause internal bleeding or even pneumonia and eventually death.

I had actually forgotten to worm the other animals too.  The research I have done the last couple days indicates that dog wormers should be given approximately every 3 months.

Cats should also be wormed often though what I have read seems to indicate they don’t need it as often as dogs but it should be done at least once a year.

Of course the heart-worm medicine that my dog takes also controls some of the other worms that she get but not all of them. So it is important to make sure the other worms don’t get out of hand and make her sick.

The Pet Medicine Company has worm medicines for dogs, cats, chickens, and other animals too. And if you are in the UK the shipping is free for orders over £10.

Of course if you are not in the UK you have to pay the shipping.  UK mainland delivery charge is normally £3.95 for orders under £10. UK Orders over £10 have free delivery. Europe delivery charge, (ex UK) is £10. Rest of World delivery charge is £25.