Clean Your Air Filters And Save Some Money

January 5, 2013

My Furnace Air Intake.That is one chore I managed to get done!

I didn’t change them this time because the one in the furnace is supposed to be good for 3 months and this is only the end of the first month. You can also save a little bit of money if you can find the multi-packs of air filters as they are often cheaper.

I took it out and used a hand broom to brush all the caked on dust off. There was a quite a bit of dust on it. Not as much as in the summer when it is dry and really dusty here.

In the summer they need to be cleaned every couple of weeks.

Idylis Air Purifier.The more dust they get on them the harder it is for the furnace/air filter to pull the air through and the harder it gets the more energy it uses. So keeping them clean uses less energy. So we save a bit of money we could use elsewhere.

I also have a couple of Idylis air filters that help clear allergens out of the air and those need cleaning at the same time.

The big one has two filters in it and I take them out and brush them off and put them back. They are supposed to only need changing every 18 months if used properly.

This is one of those chores that need to be done on the first of the month so you get in the habit. I know this because my father has told me that for years. He is making sure I never forget!

  • Change/clean air filters.
  • Medicate the animals(heartworms, worms, fleas).
  • Treat the septic tank.
  • Check the oil and tires on the car.

Those are some of the things that need to be done each month. As I posted a few days ago I am running late this month. The first three have now been done! The last has to wait till the hubby gets home…he has the car. Besides that is one of his chores.