Just Because Giveaway

Because I haven’t been posting regularly. Because summer is coming. Because my baby chicks are growing good. Because it is hot. Because I’m feeling guilty for neglecting my readers.

Just Because!

I didn’t even sign up for any hops or anything for June. I only realised that last week when I turned the page on my planner and saw a bunch of blank pages.

Not sure how it happened…July has stuff…even August has stuff…but no stuff at all for June. So I decided to take a vacation.

So this giveaway is just to help keep you guys a bit busy this week. And sort of make up for not posting the past two weeks.

I do have several reviews planned for the next few weeks…so be sure and come back for those.

In the meantime….you can enter to win $10 Paypal cash. Use it to buy a snow cone or something cool. Or stuff for a summer party. Whatever. Open to anyone with a paypal account. Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. You should never feel guilty for taking time for you :) Your fans are here and still like you. lol

  2. Thanks for thinking about us! Have a great summer. No worries too, it happens. Everyone is so busy nowadays things just slip right through.

    Thanks for the giveaway again!

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