Me at my wedding picnik.

Me at my wedding picnik. Hi I’m Elle :) the blogger behind Simple Wyrdings. I’m writing about the happenings of life in Northeast Arkansas, the products I use, the books I read, and just about anything that interests me.

I would love to review your family friendly product and post about it on Simple Wyrdings. My reviews are simple and honest.

If you would like to get some exposure for your product by sponsoring a giveaway I would love to help!

I am over 45,  married, with four grandchildren, four dogs, and a bunch of chickens.

I’m a christian, reader, gamer, animal lover, homemaker, and perpetual student  located in northeastern Arkansas on Crowley’s Ridge between Paragould and Jonesboro.

I’m also legally deaf with a progressive hearing loss. I attended regular school and never learned to sign but great at lip reading! Attended College and earned a BA in Sociology.

+Elle Perry

A picture of me in the car outside the dentist office in July 2014.

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