Simple Wyrdings welcomes family friendly reviews & giveaways. Me and my husband, our 4 dogs, and 8 chickens love to review products. My Mom and Dad live next door and are also willing to help with reviews. My readers like to enter giveaways and I like to offer them products to enjoy!  Many of my readers are book lovers so books make great giveaway items.

There is also the option of advertising. Advertising can be a post to let my readers know about your company, products, or services or it can be a 125x 125 button. If you are looking for something else please contact me…I’m willing to consider just about anything that is family friendly.


Giveaways along with a review are always free of charge. Giveaway only posts (with no review) will be subject to a fee. The fee will be negotiated depending on post size, time duration of the post, links, advertising, etc.

Advertising for a 125×125 button are:

$25 per month
$65 for three months (save $10)
$135 for six months (save $15)
$280 for one year (save $20)

If you have something else in mind, feel free to contact me.

We currently accept Paypal for payment.


No refunds will be offered for advertising (advertiser may cancel at any time).
Review items are non-returnable.
Family friendly items required.
No offensive or discriminatory material/ads regarding race, gender, etc.

Thank you for considering working with Simple Wyrdings. If you have any further questions, please contact me!


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