Words have power. Words can change the world. Words are wyrd. Be careful with them.

Expensive Driving

The cost of gas these days makes living out of town pretty expensive. At least if you have to drive to town on a regular basis. Having to drive 15 miles to town for work can take 60 bucks or so. If you are not driving a gas guzzler. A friend of mine has a […] Read More

Bats and Wildlife

We have lots of mosquitoes here this year. That's what made me think of bats. A bat can eat millions of mosquitoes. In one night. I think we need a few hundred bats just around my yard. I think I will try to get a few by putting up a Bat House I will have […] Read More

Honey Bees

There are no bees buzzing around the garden here this year. From my readings it seems that most of the bees in Arkansas may well die this summer. I believe the same thing is happening in other areas as well. Apparently there is some disease that is killing them or causing them to get lost […] Read More

Free and Independant

Sort of anyway. There are still taxes. So not entirely free in all ways. Then again no human being who lives with other humans is entirely free. For what freedom we do have however we have to thank all those who have sacrificed to see that we received it..and then kept it. Most especially soldiers […] Read More


Smithsonian magazine has an online article about the possibilities of life in other parts of the universe. http://www.smithsonianmagazine.com/issues/2007/july/lifebeyond.phpIt seems that the more science finds..the more there is to find. Or at least the more possibilities exist. Apparently there might have once been water on Mars after all. And hence life. Probably not little green men […] Read More


They asked if I wanted ad sense on here. I am thinking sure..can't hurt. Probably won't help a lot but can't hurt. So I go do that and golly gee what a confusing mess. I'm referring to the terms of service..code of conduct..what ever...haven't gotten to the privacy policy...I just figure I lost it already […] Read More

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