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Internet Went Kaput

We have internet and phone service through a local cable company. The Friday before last our internet went out, which means our phone also went out. The cable company has not yet (as of 1pm Sunday) got it working again, and they have not said when or even IF it will be working again. So […] Read More

Updating Or Possibly Just Messing Up

I was trying to update my theme and so far have ended up just making a mess. I sort of like what it looks like right now. It is sure easy to read on my computer. Print is HUGE. The sidebar seems to be going on forever though, so I'm gonna have to do something […] Read More

What Do You Want???

Sound a bit querulous do I? That's nothing compared to how I feel. Picture me sounding like a 2 year old. Or are 4 year olds worse? Whichever. You hear me whining? Tell me, tell me, tell meeeee! What do you waaa--aant??? I am gonna have to cut down on the giveaways. Unless you guys […] Read More

Swagbucks Is Easier Than I Expected

I finally joined Swagbucks a few days ago. I hadn't joined it before because I had the notion that it was one of those things where they send you heaps of emails and you have to to do hundreds of surveys. It isn't like that at all. At least so far. They have only sent […] Read More

My Resolve – No Resolutions!

I know it is a couple of days early but some folks are getting a head start on the celebrating.  A few people will be partying from now all the way through the weekend. Me, I'm gonna stay home and read a good book. Maybe watch some TV. Probably go to bed early. Partying is […] Read More

Happy Independence Day

Hope you all (in the US anyway) have a great Independence Day. And for the rest of the world...I hope it is a good day for you guys too. You guys in the US be careful with all the fireworks. Every year there are stories of people getting their hands blown off by fireworks. Be […] Read More

If Bad Things Come In Threes

Then I may be in trouble. My hubby had an accident and we had to get some new tires for his truck. It could have been worse but still not good.  That was the first thing. One of our dogs has not been feeling good. This is the biggest one. She was dumped out here […] Read More

Looking For A New Camera

The camera I have is apparently about to bite the dust. I took some pictures with it the day before yesterday and tried to put them on my computer but the computer no longer recognizes the camera. I thought it might be the cord so I changed that. Still no go. Tried it on my […] Read More

Looking For Egg Recipes

Since I got rid of one of my roosters (and the weather has improved) my hens have started laying again. I'm getting 6 to 8 eggs a day. I did find one easy recipe online that is basically a baked omelet. It was on one of the recipe sites and I can't remember which one. […] Read More

Taking Care Of Your Teeth

I had another dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. That one was just for a check up and cleaning. Last year I had crowns put on a couple of teeth and had treatments for gum disease. Gum disease can sneak up on you if you are not paying attention and taking care of your teeth. I had […] Read More

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