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Taking Care Of Your Teeth

I had another dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. That one was just for a check up and cleaning. Last year I had crowns put on a couple of teeth and had treatments for gum disease. Gum disease can sneak up on you if you are not paying attention and taking care of your teeth. I had […] Read More

Doggie In The Window

This is one of my dogs lying in the window. He was actually sleeping there this time but usually they will be up there looking out. This one is male and he gets up on the windowsill itself sometimes and barks at things. The other dog likes lie up there with her head on the […] Read More

Life Goes On, So Do Memories

My neighbor across the street from us died last week. He was buried on Tuesday. He was a really great neighbor and a good friend. He is the one who brought his tractor over and tilled up our garden for us several years in a row. He also let my husband borrow things we didn't […] Read More

Are Hospital Designers Sadists?

Right now I believe they are. I think they must go to school to learn the best way to frustrate and annoy anyone who enters the building. And of course they put stairs and hills in there too just so it hurts to do all that walking. Walking that is required because they built it […] Read More

Forgetfullness Is Embarassing

I had to go to the doctors office again on Friday. They require you to check in with the receptionist who always asks a bunch of questions. They ask all that to make sure your information hasn't changed. I don't mind them doing that usually but this time I got up there and she asked […] Read More

Two Thousand Dollars For One Tooth?

Yep you read that right. $2000. For one tooth. Or close to it anyway. That's what they told me it would cost to fix the very back wisdom tooth in my lower left jaw. To do a root canal and put a crown on it. That tooth is the one that my partial plate hooks […] Read More

Toothaches Are Terrible

Really terrible. It is hard to remember how bad teeth can hurt until they actually start hurting. I have a swollen tooth in my lower jaw. It has been hurting for a few days but yesterday it actually started to swell and now my whole face is hurting. Makes me feel really sorry for teething […] Read More

Recovering From An Illness

It gets harder as you get older. Or so it seems to me. I don't remember ever taking this long to get over being sick before. Then again maybe I just don't remember. My memory isn't what it used to be either! I think it really is taking longer to get better. It has been […] Read More

The Flu Is No Fun At All

Yes I have the flu. I don't want to write. I don't want to do housework or cook. I don't want to be bothered. I mainly want to lay in bed and be pampered with lots of juice and covers! That is what you are supposed to do when you have the flu. Get lots […] Read More

An 87th Birthday Party

My father-in-law is celebrating his 87th birthday this weekend. Some of his kids and their spouses are coming down from Michigan and some are coming up from down south. I'm not sure where...I know I was told but I keep forgetting. So it is sort of a family reunion as well as a birthday party. […] Read More

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