Cold Weather Can Kill

It can kill animals. It hasn’t actually been icy yet this year (at least not here) but it has frozen the last few nights. Animals left outside without adequate shelter can freeze to death. And since their water will freeze, you need to check that too. My chickens water froze and they were really happy … Read More

It’s Either Feast Or Famine Around Here

Remember those cute little bitty chicks from this past spring? There are not so little anymore. I happen to think they are still sort of cute, but a lot bigger for sure. Anyway, the hens had all been laying their eggs either in the box just off the ground, or out in the yard. The … Read More

Early Christmas Shopping?

That is a great excuse isn’t it? I have been buying a few things lately that we don’t necessarily NEED. Like these Hotter shoes – I didn’t really NEED any new shoes. I could have worn the old ones I have, but I really really wanted some shoes that would not hurt my feet(or at … Read More

Respect Has Changed, Or Disappeared

My father-in-laws funeral was Monday. We drove from the funeral home out to the cemetery. Most folks going the other way still pulled over or stopped but a few did not. Not too long ago it would have been every single one of them. And even twenty years ago people would not have even thought … Read More

Improving The Chicken Yard

My chickens have always had a separate yard because my dog wants to chase them. They have to be in a fenced in area because there are lots of dogs in the area that would just love to have a chicken dinner. There are also foxes, coyotes, racoons, possums, and who knows what else out … Read More

Stray Dogs Or Possibly Abandoned

A couple of dogs showed up in my neighborhood (near Walcott, Arkansas) the day before yesterday. My neighbor across the street came over yesterday to find out if we knew anything about them. One looks to be part dachshund and as you can see in this picture he looks almost starved. He is a pretty … Read More

Pretty Colors Of Spring

There is green coming up all over the place of course and it looks good after the brown of winter. But what I really like is the Blues And the Purples And of course the Yellows! Even the ones that have just been peed on. Those green clumps you can see scattered here and there … Read More

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