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Do You Really Need To Explain?

Seriously. Do you really need to explain everything to everybody? Why? This bugs me. It bugs me when my husband does it. It bugs me when my mom does it. It bugs me when my dad does it. It really bugs me when I catch myself doing it. But. But. BUT.  To really really really […] Read More

My Grandmother’s Flower Bed

    This is a picture of my grandmother standing by the first "flower bed" she had out in her yard. We(mema, mom, me, and a neighbor) had just finished planting all the flowers in it when this picture was taken. This is back before she started losing her memory and was still healthy. She […] Read More

A Box Of Fuzzballs

One of my hens died this last week. She was the last of the oldest ones. All the rest of my hens are less than 5 years old. I was already short of hens now that I have a rooster and none of them seem to want to go broody (yet) this year. So we […] Read More

Ever Seen A Bottle Tree?

I hadn't either till my grandmother decided to make one. I think it would have been better with a few "branches" but that would have been harder to do. This was like several of the other decorations she had...she saw one somewhere and wanted to make one of her own. She did a pretty good […] Read More

Pretty Colors Of Spring

There is green coming up all over the place of course and it looks good after the brown of winter. But what I really like is the Blues And the Purples And of course the Yellows! Even the ones that have just been peed on. Those green clumps you can see scattered here and there […] Read More

A Decorative Well

This is the decorative well that my Mema had in her front yard. I think my dad made this one for her but it might have been my uncle. She  had a brick one at her old house and she wanted one in her yard here but decided she didn't want one as big. She […] Read More

The Ice Is Melted!

This huge icicle was hanging off my moms house just beside the porch a few days ago. This is what the walkway to my porch looked like a few days ago. It was really slippery. Then it warmed up and it all melted and I can actually walk out to the gate without almost falling […] Read More

Old Wagon Wheel Makes A Great Decoration

I'm not sure where she found it but my mom has had this wagon wheel for a long time. She painted it red and it was on that pole in the yard for a while. I'm not sure why it got moved but when my dad bought the land next door and build his "barn" […] Read More

Caboose In Paragould, Arkansas

I took this picture a few years ago. Not sure how many years but not too many :p It is a picture of the old caboose on the tracks downtown. That is where the Loose Cabooose Festival is usually held. They didn't have it down there last year because of some issues with people getting […] Read More

Old Wash Tubs And Driftwood

Those belonged to my grandmother. She always had a round wash tub as long as I can remember. When I was little it was used for putting stuff in out of the garden. Corn especially. Also for washing tomatoes and stuff before canning. Green beans before they were hulled. I remember sitting outside with a […] Read More

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