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Max Xylander And The Island Of Zumuruud By Jon Thomason Review

Max Xylander And The Island of Zumuruud by Jon Thomason was a pretty good book. I really liked the idea behind the story. That there are magical beings living in the world along with humans and that just like humans they have their good guys and bad guys. The main character irritated me somewhat though. […] Read More

The Devils Garden by Brady Christianson Spotlight And Review

The Devil's Garden by Brady Christianson is a mystery-thriller with lots of action. It is also a fun read. The characters were really engaging and the constant verbal sniping and slapping at each other was fun to read and even had me laughing at times. The main characters do seem really self much as […] Read More

Citadel By John Ringo Review

Citadel was a very good read. The story flows really fast too. I got into it and forgot about other stuff while I was reading. I love books like that. This is the sequel to Live Free Or Die. In this book earth has gotten free of the aliens that first invaded and dropped rocks […] Read More

Live Free Or Die by John Ringo

"Of all the warriors of the world Those of Troy were the most fell They were those born of Winter." This is a quote from Live Free of Die by John Ringo. I really like the way Ringo takes bits of folklore and history and adds them to his stories. He knows his history and […] Read More

David Webers Out of the Dark is a good book

David Webers Out of the Dark is a wonderful book. I didn't think so at first. In fact a bit over halfway through it I was getting upset because it looked as if there was no way at all that the earth was going to survive. They have been invaded by aliens with  a superior […] Read More

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