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Does Your Phone Run Out Of Power At The Worst Times?

If your phone (or other electronics) tend to run out of juice at the worst times, namely when you are away from home, and no where near a plug-in, then you need one of these portable chargers. This +lifeguard Mini 1 portable charger holds enough power to charge a phone several times, and it doesn't […] Read More

Magicbox Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a wonderful little speaker from DKnight. It puts out a big sound, which is amazing coming from such a little box. My husband was surprised that the sound was so loud, and the volume wasn't even turned all the way up. We connected it to his phone so he can use it to […] Read More

Use This Sticky Suction Mount To Hold Your Phone Anywhere

This Sticky Suction Mount from IGotTech is a portable mount that can be used just about anywhere. It does need a firm, fairly flat surface to stick to, but that surface can be made out of pretty much anything. Surfaces it can stick to include: plastic, metal, glass, rubber,  and silicon. This mount can hold […] Read More

SiliGuy IPhone Holder Review

The SiliGuy Iphone Holder is really neat. It is flexible. It feels sort of like those little toys that you can twist into all sorts of shapes. You can bend the arms and feet to fit any size phone. It can be used just about anywhere too. It was made mostly to be used in […] Read More

Do You Really Need A Cellphone?

Sitting in the doctors office yesterday there were about 10 people in there when we were and all but 2 of them had phones of some sort. Most of them seemed to be playing games or checking facebook. I bought a Tracfone 7 years ago just to have on the road for emergencies. Out on […] Read More

Organizing And Decorating And Going Crazy

We have gotten just about everything moved in to the new place now. There are a few things we haven't got yet but all the big things are moved. I keep forgetting my plants. They are very hardy so should be ok another day or two. I really need to remember to get them though. […] Read More

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