ActionFly Newtons Cradle Balance Balls Are Fun

The ActionFly Newtons Cradle Balance Balls are really fun to watch. The only problem with them is that if you are not careful, you will sit and play with them half the day without realizing it. The balls show how a pendulum works, as well as demonstrating the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy. … Read More

Fall Is In The Air Giveaway Hop 2015

Welcome to the Fall Is In The Air Giveaway Hop hosted by LeahSay’s Views and Planet Weidknecht Fall is in the air here in Arkansas. At night anyway. This past week the daytime temperatures have still been in the upper 80’s or even the lower 90’s, but it cools down at night, and the leaves … Read More

Hangin’ On To Summer Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Hangin’ On To Summer Giveaway Hop hosted by Planet Weidknecht and LeahSays’ Views. This hop will run from August 20th till midnight on the 31st. Every blog in this hop will be giving away a prize worth at least $25. In my case $24.99 RV. Do you think anyone is gonna mind … Read More

Packable Pails Are Great For The Beach

These collapsible pails from Packable Pails are really neat pails. They are about the same size as any other bucket you might take to the beach, but these can be collapsed so they are flat. When they are flat they do not take up near as much space. They can also be stacked when flat, … Read More

Relax With The Live Well Series

The Live Well Series is a set of CDs that feature music by Jeff Gold and the voice of Janet Montgomery. Janet Montgomery C.H.T. is a Certified Hypnotherapist and from what I could hear of the cd myself she has a nice voice. I got to listen to Sleep Well for Kids: The Original, and … Read More

Abandoned Is An Ugly Word

Merriam-Webster definition:   aban·doned adjective \ə-ˈban-dənd\ : left without needed protection or care : left by the owner : no longer held or thought of : given up Full Definition of ABANDONED: 1: wholly free from restraint 2: given up : forsaken   Ugly it is. And sad too. It doesn’t really matter what you … Read More

Gamers Helping Children

Well indirectly helping children. They are raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital which treats at least 500,000 children a year (from all over the place). The really great thing about this hospital is that it treats the kids even if their family can’t pay. Which means that they really NEED donations to help keep them … Read More

Little Monsters Gear – Tees and Onezees For Your Little Monster

Little Monsters Gear – Tees and Onezees For Your Little Monster

Little Monsters Gear has the cutest t-shirts and Onezees for kids! The shirts are made of cotton and are printed by hand. There are lots of cute monsters to choose from too. Some are Fierce and some are Gentle. Each one has a front design and a back design. My favorites are Sweet Pea and … Read More

Going Crazy Wanna Go? Has Gone Blue For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Janet over at Going Crazy Wanna Go? has turned her blog blue this month. Why would she do that you ask? She did it to help spread the word about Child Abuse Prevention Month. She wants to help prevent child abuse and educating people about it is one way of doing that. She is publishing … Read More

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