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Interchangeable Belts Match Any Outfit

C4 Belts has a color to go with any outfit. There are so many different colors to choose from, that it might take you a while to decide. Then again you might just decide to get several. Of course after you choose the belt color, you have to choose the buckle color, and they don't […] Read More

Want A Cute Shirt For Your Dog?

Micha Doggy Wear makes some really cute shirts. The Hawaiian shirt was a bit too colorful for me, so I opted for the Peace shirt. I got the large because I figured it would fit at least two of my dogs, and I was right. It fit the smallest dog a bit big, but it […] Read More

Want To Stay Cool? Get CooLHeadS

The CooLHeaD is made of terry cloth. It is really soft and absorbent. It feels like a really nice towel. It has an inner band system made out of the sort elastic bands that are in pants and skirts. I don't know what those are called but they are great at making things fit different […] Read More

Don’t Let Leakage Steal Your Confidence

Get a pair of Confidence Panties from Hush Hush™ so you won't have to worry about leakage again. These are really nice panties that have an absorbent layer built in, that also includes odor protection. That makes them really great for light leakage. You know, those times when you sneeze, or laugh, or trip over […] Read More

Keep The Sweat Out Of Your Eyes With A Suddora Sweatband

I have started to ride a stationary bike every morning the last few months. I don't always ride hard enough to work up a heavy sweat, but when I do it is nice to have something on to keep it from running into my eyes. Even if you don't need them for that they are […] Read More

Fashionable And Edgy Hair Accessories.

Blunt LA makes some really neat Hair Accessories. There are three different designs. I think younger people will really like these.  Especially young folks who like keeping up with all the latest fashions. They do look nice in your hair.  At least they did look nice in MY hair. This one is called Reba.   […] Read More

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