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Give Her A Beautiful 24K Gold And Red Crystal Rose

Real roses are beautiful, but they fade and have to be thrown out. This beautiful 24K Gold and Red Crystal Rose will never fade. It will be just as lovely 20 years from now. Probably a lot longer than that, with proper care. This is a truly beautiful piece. It has two stems, one to […] Read More

ActionFly Newtons Cradle Balance Balls Are Fun

The ActionFly Newtons Cradle Balance Balls are really fun to watch. The only problem with them is that if you are not careful, you will sit and play with them half the day without realizing it. The balls show how a pendulum works, as well as demonstrating the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy. […] Read More

Want To Prepare Your Own Herbs And Spices?

This little mortar and pestle set is great for preparing small amounts of herbs or spices. It is also good for grinding up pills for your dogs, or yourself. You can pretty much grind anything in it, including grains, tea, ginger, or garlic. I have used it to prepare some of my sage that I […] Read More

Interchangeable Belts Match Any Outfit

C4 Belts has a color to go with any outfit. There are so many different colors to choose from, that it might take you a while to decide. Then again you might just decide to get several. Of course after you choose the belt color, you have to choose the buckle color, and they don't […] Read More

Need Help Reading The Small Print?

If you have trouble reading small print, get one of these beautiful magnifying glass paperweight domes from Jacarte, to take care of that problem. You can have it out on your table, or desk, as a paperweight, so it is handy whenever you need it. Of you can just set it out somewhere as a […] Read More

Flameless Tea Lights Are Safe For Parties

Not only are Flameless Tea Lights safer to use during parties, they are safer during storms too. After all if the wind really shakes your house, and knocks over a candle (or oil lamp), you might end up with your house catching fire. These Flameless LED Tea Lights with Votive Wraps from Frux Home and […] Read More

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