Multiple Flashlights For Emergencies

These little aluminum LED Flashlights are great to have around the house in case of emergency. I keep a small flashlight in the car, and one in my purse too, because you just never know when or where it might be needed. These mini flashlights come in sets of 4 and each is a different … Read More

Small LED Flashlights Good For Emergencies

Small  LED Flashlights will fit just about anywhere without taking up a lot of room, and they are not heavy. I like to have one in my purse, cause you never know when you might get stuck out somewhere in the dark. If you have a flat tire while driving out in the boonies at … Read More

Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw Review

The Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw is a great item to have around the house in case of emergencies. If there is a major emergency, and you end up running out of clean water, then you will need to clean your water before you drink it. In a big emergency, like an earthquake, you might … Read More

For Fast Fires You Need Enviro-Log Firelogs

Enviro-Log Firelogs are really great for getting a fire going fast. They start fast just by themselves, but if you have some Enviro-Log Firestarters too then you got it made. Even if it is raining. I know because it started raining right after we went out and lit one of these logs and it kept … Read More

Flameless Tea Lights Are Safe For Parties

Not only are Flameless Tea Lights safer to use during parties, they are safer during storms too. After all if the wind really shakes your house, and knocks over a candle (or oil lamp), you might end up with your house catching fire. These Flameless LED Tea Lights with Votive Wraps from Frux Home and … Read More

Be Prepared For Emergencies With The Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Having one of these Magnesium Survival Fire Starters could make the difference between being nice and warm, and freezing to death (or at least being cold and hungry). If you go on camping and hiking trips a lot, this would be a good thing to carry with you. It has a rope you can use … Read More

Preparing For Winter Storms

Preparing For Winter Storms

Ice can really do a number on the electrical lines. And the cable lines too. If it is this thick on the trees then it is just as bad on everything else. So how do you prepare for a winter storm? Heating Make sure you have some way of keeping warm if the electricity goes … Read More

Earthquake and disaster preparedness

Watching the news about the earthquake in Japan got me to thinking about what would happen here in an earthquake. Japan is the worlds leader in earthquake preparedness so if they have problems…things would be really bad in other countries. Here in northeast Arkansas we are almost on top of the New Madrid fault. This … Read More

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