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Don’t Burn Your Hands Baking And Grilling

Get some of these pretty heat resistant gloves from AYL to wear while baking and grilling. Then you won't have to worry about burned hands. These gloves are insulated and waterproof, and since they are gloves you can grip better with them than with mittens. I used them right after they came in, and they […] Read More

Cleaning An Old BBQ Grill

My mother-in-law is getting ready for spring. One of the things she has done is get a new BBQ Grill. Her old grill was on her back porch. It has gotten quite a bit of use. It doesn't look like anyone cleaned it after using it either. In order to make room for the new […] Read More

Summer Backyard Blast Giveaway

I'm giving away a box of Grill Charms($19.95) and a copy of a book about Golfing($9.99). The book is titled: How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time. Since this giveaway is for things to use in the (or your dad) are expected to read the book in the backyard mind ya! […] Read More

Grill Charms Review

I recieved a set of Grill Charms to review. I would have really liked to actually use them on the grill. Since we haven't managed to use the grill so far this year...that didn't work out. That's ok though. They do work just as well in the oven. You may not need them as much […] Read More

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