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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Can Help Clear A Stuffy Nose

Put a couple of drops of this Eucalyptus Essential Oil from Up Nature in a pot of boiling water, and inhale the steam. Your stuffy nose will start to clear up pretty quick. It may take a bit longer if it is really bad. You can put the oil in a diffuser too, and it […] Read More

Do You Ever Hand Wash Dishes?

If you hand dry dishes, you will like this 2-Tier Bamboo Dish Drying Rack from Lake House Products. Especially if you are short on counter space. I have quite a lot of counter space these days but I still like this rack, because no matter how much space you have, it never seems to be […] Read More

Save Money With Motion Sensor LED Lights

The MSLPro Motion Sensing Socket Plug is a great way to save on lighting costs. It uses a regular LED light bulb that puts out about 475 Lumens. That is about the same as a 40 watt incandescent bulb, which is plenty of light for most purposes. I put the one we got in our […] Read More

Need Some Drip Dry Hangers?

These  Green Amphibious Hangers from BriaUSA are great for drip dry items. The green area is a softer non-slip material that helps keep the clothing from slipping off or pulling out of shape. The design of the hangers also keeps the collars from stretching. I really like the swivel hooks. If I want to take […] Read More

Trashcans Make Useful Gifts

I know trash cans are not usually what people think of when they are looking for a gift, but they are very useful. Especially for young adults or anyone just starting their own household. Or someone who lost all their things in a fire. A really nice one like this 5L brushed stainless steel step […] Read More

Round Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

We used this Salt and Pepper Grinder Set for our holiday dinner. There were two tables so we needed an extra set. My cousin fell in love with this set. No wonder, it is pretty. The tops are shiny stainless steel and the bottoms are clear glass. I love the round bottoms. You can see […] Read More

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