A Perfect Gift For Book Lovers

This lovely necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read books. Any kind of books. Most folks who love to read do not have near as much time for reading as they would like. Even if I spend every waking moment reading it wouldn’t be enough to read every interesting book out … Read More

Do You Love Spring Flowers?

I love spring flowers. I wish they would last longer. I found a beautiful statement necklace that is crafted to look like spring flowers. So you can have your flowers all year, and even wear them. So even in the winter you can look like spring. Add some perfume and you will smell like spring … Read More

Take Those Negative Ions Everywhere

Negative Ions are believed to have a positive effect (on most people anyway).  According to WebMD there is some evidence to support that belief. I have always believed it anyway. And even if the “evidence” ended up showing it didn’t I would still probably believe it, just because of how I have felt myself during … Read More

Jord™ Wood Watches Review

Disclosure : I received a free product to review. These Jord™ Wood Watches are gorgeous! I didn’t even know there were watches made out of wood till I saw these. I love the way they look. They let me pick out one to review. I picked the Fieldcrest in Natural Green. Mainly because I wanted … Read More

I Love You In 120 Languages Onyx Pendant Review

I Love You In 120 Languages Onyx Pendant Review

This I Love You Onyx Pendant from NanoStyle has the words I Love You written on it in 120 different languages. The words are written in 24kt gold. It also has a heart on it which reinforces the the idea of Love. It it really pretty. It comes in a nice black box and has … Read More

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