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Hearts On The Line A Memoir By Marla Martenson Review

Hearts on the Line: the Elusive Pursuit of Love in the City of Angels a Memoir by Marla Martenson is a really fun book to read. It is easy to read and kept me interested the whole way through. She tells stories about her life as a matchmaker to rich (and sometimes idiotic) men in […] Read More

7 Easy Steps To Memoir Writing by Mary Anne Benedetto Review

7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing is a really great book that everyone interested in writing a memoir should read. Especially if you haven't ever written a memoir before. The author takes you through 7 steps that get you to the point of actually writing a memoir. She starts with the excuses people make for […] Read More

Ever Written A Memoir?

I just started reading a book on memoir writing called 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing(review coming soon). I've only gotten through the first chapter so far but it already has me thinking. The author Mary Anne Benedetto says the biggest problem people have with writing starting. She says you just have to stop […] Read More

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