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Tomato Gravy For Breakfast

When I was little we often had tomato gravy for breakfast. I loved it. I still love it. We had it with biscuits and scrambled eggs. I think it was my great grandmother that introduced tomato gravy into the family. I'm not really sure because I remember having that from when I was really young. […] Read More

Forgetfullness Is Embarassing

I had to go to the doctors office again on Friday. They require you to check in with the receptionist who always asks a bunch of questions. They ask all that to make sure your information hasn't changed. I don't mind them doing that usually but this time I got up there and she asked […] Read More

Ever Written A Memoir?

I just started reading a book on memoir writing called 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing(review coming soon). I've only gotten through the first chapter so far but it already has me thinking. The author Mary Anne Benedetto says the biggest problem people have with writing starting. She says you just have to stop […] Read More

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