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The Riddles Of Hillgate By Zoey & Claire Kane Review

The Riddles Of Hillgate by Zoey & Claire Kane is just pure fun from start to finish. I was expecting your run of the mill mystery and this was no where near "run of the mill". It does have your mystery and your scary bits but that is the only thing about it that was […] Read More

DiSemblance by Shanae Branham Review

DiSemblance was a pretty good read. It went fast and there was always something happening. It did get a bit confusing but considering that it was talking about a real virtual reality machine that you can actually live in (or die in) that wasn't surprising. And the characters in the book couldn't tell the difference […] Read More

Ghostly Summons By John A. Karr Review

Ghostly Summons is a pretty good read. It is mystery with a bit of weirdness. The main character is an-ex reporter who sees images of murdered people. In this story he is seeing the body of a woman who was killed and he has to figure out who killed her just to get her to […] Read More

The Devils Garden by Brady Christianson Spotlight And Review

The Devil's Garden by Brady Christianson is a mystery-thriller with lots of action. It is also a fun read. The characters were really engaging and the constant verbal sniping and slapping at each other was fun to read and even had me laughing at times. The main characters do seem really self much as […] Read More

The Color Of Snow : Guest Post by Brenda Stanley

The Color of Snow has been described as dark or mysterious.  I feel most of my writing fits this description because I enjoy looking at the strange and unusual things in life.  My novel will definitely make some people uncomfortable.  I like to look at situations and issues and try to figure out how people […] Read More

A Place To Die By Dorothy James Review

Tribute Books asked me to be a part of their blog tour for A Place To Die.  It sounded like an interesting book so I agreed and they sent me a free copy. The book is a mystery. It introduces Inspector Georg Büchner who is investigating the murder of one of the residents of the […] Read More

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