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Crossroads Book Blast Giveaway

I love to read books in a series. I like going back to visit the same world and finding out what happened to the characters I fell in love with. It is great when you find a new series that already has several books printed too, because that means you don't have to wait to […] Read More

15 Best Restaurants In Portland By Doug Pitassi

This is a very nice list of the 15 Best Restaurants in Portland by Doug Pitassi. Mr. Pitassi says, in the forward, that picking the top 15 restaurants was not easy. He says there are hundreds of restaurants in the Portland area that are worthy of being included. He says that there is a restaurant […] Read More

Embracing The Wild In Your Dog By Bryan Bailey Review

Having a problem with your dog? Read this book. Your friend having a problem with his dog? Tell him to read this book. Why? Because this book will help you understand your dog. You will understand why your dog does what he does. The author grew up in Alaska where he got to see how […] Read More

No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond Book Blast

I know how hard it can be to function out in the world without hearing, and actually getting out in front of people and doing a gymnastics program, must be really tough. This is sure to be a very inspiring story. Especially for the deaf and hard of hearing. No Excuses: The Story of Elite […] Read More

The Man Who Listens To Horses Giveaway

I'm giving away a used copy(I read it - excellent condition) of Monty Roberts book The Man Who Listens To Horses - The Story of a real-life Horse Whisperer. If you are a horse person, or just want to learn more about horses, you will love this book. Monty Roberts is one of the best […] Read More

Secrets Of A Closet Millionaire By Michele Ashby

If you have read a lot of books about money management, and budgeting, but still don't "get it", Secrets of a Closet Millionaire could be the book for you. The author says she read a lot of books, and knew a lot about finance, but didn't really "get it" herself at first. Then she met […] Read More

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