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Want To Know Where A Word Came From?

In Wordcatcher Phil Cousineau tells us all about words.  He talks a bit about words in general but mostly about particular words. This book reads almost like a set of short stories. The section on each word is fairly short, and it sounds like he is telling you what an old friend has been up […] Read More

Life: It Is What It Is By Lisa Sugarman

Life: It Is What It Is by Lisa Sugarman is a collection of essays about life in Marblehead, Massachusetts. These are really fun to read. Lisa Sugarman made me laugh and even managed to make me think a few times. Some of the things she writes about are not things that usually concern me (school […] Read More

The Pizza Trap By Gabrielle Welch

The Pizza Trap by Gabrielle Welch is all about how to get your children (and yourself) to eat healthy foods instead of falling into the trap set by Pizza, and other junk (fast) foods, that are not healthy. This book is packed with tips and tricks for teaching your kids to eat healthy, and how […] Read More

Green Smoothies By Jonathan Vine

Green Smoothies : 50 Amazing Recipes for a Healthy Diet by Jonathan Vine is an excellent resource for anyone who is wanting to eat healthier. The author includes lots of information on why you should try to eat healthy in the first place, as well as why he considers green smoothies the healthiest way to […] Read More

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock!

The new Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock! will be released on September 9. It is just as good as the 2013 edition, and the 2012 edition. Maybe even better. It has several different sections. One is about animals, and includes this cat.   And this crazy (he must be right??) guy. A kind […] Read More

Nip It By Kristen Fredricks And Jeanie Wade

Nip It: Stop Negativity Moment by Moment by Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade has a lot of good advice in it. The authors tell you how to recognize negative moments(and people) and give you lots of tips and techniques that will help you learn to turn them from negative to positive moments. And if you […] Read More

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