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Chickens Are Ready For Spring Too

My chickens are ready for spring too. They are wanting some green grass and bugs to eat. They are getting bored and when that happens they tend to peck at each other more. My husband was out in the coop a few days ago working on the roosts. It was not level and one of […] Read More

Moving Chickens To A New Coop

We moved our chickens last night. They had been in a fenced area behind my dads shed. We separated the original hens from the game hens last year because the game hens were pulling the feathers out of the buff hens. Then this year we had to get rid of theĀ  game hens because we […] Read More

More Cute Little Fuzzballs

I have been looking for an Orpington rooster...preferably a Buff Orpington rooster. I haven't been able to find one. So when one of my hens went broody a month ago I decided to get some fertilized eggs to put under her. Usually when you just get hatching eggs they will be half male. So I […] Read More

Little Giant Poultry Waterer Review

We bought a 3 gallon poultry waterer a while back. It is made of thick heavy plastic. They do make metal ones but this is not as heavy. The metal will rust eventually too. That is just an excuse though...I didn't want to have to carry that heavy thing around. I posted about the waterer […] Read More

Health, safety, and chickens!

There is a post over at Community Chickens by a lady who raises chickens and is also a FEMA volunteer. The article is about infections and diseases you could you be exposed to when raising chickens and the actions you should take to help prevent them. It is a really good article and it has […] Read More

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