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Take Those Negative Ions Everywhere

Negative Ions are believed to have a positive effect (on most people anyway).  According to WebMD there is some evidence to support that belief. I have always believed it anyway. And even if the "evidence" ended up showing it didn't I would still probably believe it, just because of how I have felt myself during […] Read More

The Swiss Cheese Theory Of Life Review And Giveaway

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life by Judith A. Belmont, MS and Lora Shor, MSW is a fun book to read.  It has some cartoons and lots of quotes. Some are outright funny while others are just amusing. Some are serious. The book is about getting through the "holes" in life without getting stuck. It […] Read More

Mindfulness And The Art Of Choice Review

I won a copy of Mindfulness And The Art Of Choice by Karen H. Sherman, PHD a while back over on Sweepstake Lover. It is a good book. The basic premise is that people tend to get caught up in their day to day lives and emotions and just react to things without really thinking […] Read More

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