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Welcome To Last Chance by Hope Ramsay Giveaway (closed)

I'm giving away my copy of Welcome to Last Chance by Hope Ramsay. It is a really good christian book. I posted a book review a while back. This is a used copy. I have read it. My mom read it too and she really liked it. So it has been read twice. It is […] Read More

Welcome to Last Chance by Hope Ramsay Review

Welcome to Last Chance was a very fun read! I enjoyed it all the way through. It didn't take long to read either because I kept going once I started! It is a Christian romance. Not at all preachy and there are some hot and heavy scenes. Nothing graphic however which is part of the […] Read More

Tomorrow’s Garden by Amanda Cabot

Tomorrow's Garden follows Harriet Kirk as she takes on the job of schoolteacher in Ladreville, Texas. She has taken care of her younger siblings since the death of her grandparents and never expects to have a home of her own. She meets a handsome Texas Ranger and begins to think it might be possible. Problems […] Read More

Scattered Petals by Amanda Cabot Review

Scattered Petals follows Priscilla Morton as she leaves Boston in 1856 and heads for the Texas Hill Country. She is going to attend the wedding of her dead sisters husband Clay to Sarah Dobbs. On the way the stagecoach is attacked and her life will never be the same.   She meets and  marries Clays […] Read More

Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot Review

Paper Roses is the story of Sarah Dobbs who left Philadelphia to be the mail-order bride of a rancher in Texas. She fell in love with her groom through his letters, her paper roses, and is anxious to meet him. She arrives in San Antonio to find that he has been killed but she can't […] Read More

A Heart For Home By Lauraine Snelling Review

A Heart for Home is a really good book. This one is about Astrid the youngest child of Ingborg. In this book Astrid has become a Doctor and has gone to an Indian reservation to treat the Indians who are dieing of measles.   The man she thought she might marry hates Indians and also […] Read More

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