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20 Years Passed Fast!

I was checking out the website of author David Weber the other day to see when his next book would be coming out. I got a heck of a shock. It seems this year is the 20th Anniversary of On Basilisk Station the first book in the series featuring Honor Harrington. I remember reading that […] Read More

Where Azaleas Bloom By Sherryl Woods Review

Where Azaleas Bloom was a really good read. It was easy and relaxing. It is also a feel good read. It is one of those books that make you feel good. I guess it is because even with all the problems the characters have love wins out. I love the setting for these Sweet Magnolia […] Read More

L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Recluce Series Book Giveaway (closed)

Want to win a book from the Recluce series? I have been collecting the books in this series. In the process I bought a couple of big boxes of books on Ebay. Which means I ended up with extras.  That turns out to be a good thing for you because I'm giving away the extra […] Read More

A Wonderful New Author : Patrick Rothfuss

I've found a wonderful new Author named Patrick Rothfuss. His second book was on the new arrivals shelf at the library a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I had managed to miss the first book. It must have been checked out pretty constantly for me not to see it. Anyway I found the second one […] Read More

Citadel By John Ringo Review

Citadel was a very good read. The story flows really fast too. I got into it and forgot about other stuff while I was reading. I love books like that. This is the sequel to Live Free Or Die. In this book earth has gotten free of the aliens that first invaded and dropped rocks […] Read More

Live Free Or Die by John Ringo

"Of all the warriors of the world Those of Troy were the most fell They were those born of Winter." This is a quote from Live Free of Die by John Ringo. I really like the way Ringo takes bits of folklore and history and adds them to his stories. He knows his history and […] Read More

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