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A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron Review

A Dog's Purpose is a truly wonderful book. I fell in love with this dog. I cried a couple of times while reading. It reminded me of all the wonderful dogs I have had in my life. And it helped me remember just WHY dogs are such lovable, magnificent creatures. It is because they love […] Read More

Book Review : Lady-Protector by L.E. Modesitt, Jr

I saw Lady-Protector by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. at the library and had to check it out. It is the latest book in the Corean Chronicles. There were seven others before this. The world of Corus has a funny sort of magic that was used by the Ancient peoples that are native to it. It can […] Read More

Finished Reading The Wheel Of Time Books

I finally finished reading the last of The Wheel of Time books. Book number 13 The Towers of Midnight. It took me a long time to read them all- three whole months! I have read most of them several times. The last two I have now read twice. They are wonderful books. They would make […] Read More

David Webers Out of the Dark is a good book

David Webers Out of the Dark is a wonderful book. I didn't think so at first. In fact a bit over halfway through it I was getting upset because it looked as if there was no way at all that the earth was going to survive. They have been invaded by aliens with  a superior […] Read More

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