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Looking For Some Pretty Trash Bags?

Check out Designerliners™ Decorative Trash Bags. They are really pretty trash bags and they are biodegradable too! As you can see in the picture they come in all different colors. They also come in small, medium, and large so they will fit just about any waste basket anywhere in your home. They come in different […] Read More

Designerliners™ Biodegradable Decorative Trash Bags Review And Giveaway(closed)

Designerliners™ are wonderful trash bags with a pretty design on them. I received the Gold Gingham ones. They have a lot of other designs including Red Gingham, Blue Leopard and black leopard, different colored polka dots, and red and blue Toile. The bags come in several different sizes. 7 gallon, 5-6 gallon, and 7 to […] Read More

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