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Found Money

By Linda Joffe Hull Hi there--it’s Linda Joffe Hull, author of the Mrs. Frugalicious mystery series and I have a confession to make. Although it’s commonly advised by my fellow writers to write what you know, I must admit that I knew precious little about the big world of bargain shopping when I began the […] Read More

Book Reviewer Yellow Pages Blast

  Being listed in this book is very helpful for anyone who wants to do book reviews. I get a lot more offers from Authors since I signed up to be included, and those offers are much more likely to be the kinds of book I actually like to read. I intend to be included […] Read More

Want To Know Where A Word Came From?

In Wordcatcher Phil Cousineau tells us all about words.  He talks a bit about words in general but mostly about particular words. This book reads almost like a set of short stories. The section on each word is fairly short, and it sounds like he is telling you what an old friend has been up […] Read More

Heralds Of Spring In Northeast Arkansas

Right now it is pretty hard to believe it is actually spring. It snowed here this past week and it has been cold outside. There are a few things that indicate spring is here though. The Corkscrew Willow started putting out leaves a few days ago! It will be fully dressed for summer before long. […] Read More

It’s Never Too Late

Not too long ago I ran across a quotation that really inspired me. It was "It is never too late to be what you might have been." by George Elliot. I have no idea why that resonated with me so much. Maybe because my hubby has been talking lately about things he didn't do. I […] Read More

What’s So Hard About Blogging Anyway?

Yea you think it is easy don't you? It sure looks easy when it is someone else doing it. Sort of like building a house. A master carpenter and crew and put up a really great house in a couple of weeks if they want to do it quick. And it actually is well built. […] Read More

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