When should property be Condemned?

   At what point is a house or trailer considered unlivable? Some of those I have looked at lately have the floor falling in in spots. Holes in the walls and ceilings. The bathtub lining peeling off and the tub being held up/in by a piece of plywood. Lots of mold and mildew on the old caulk that’s peeling off. Windows broken. And smelling of urine and lord knows whats. Just how bad can they be and still be allowed out for rental?
  I don’t know about illegal but getting money for some of those places is definitely unethical. And I don’t think it should matter whether you intend to rent them to junkies or others so called low lives…doing so says as much about you as it does about the folks who are forced to rent your crappy places for whatever reason. And you bloody well shouldn’t act so danged surprised that you can’t keep good tenants. You really expected to be able to treat people like trash and have them stick around for longer than they absolutely have to? You must be living in a dream world. Or perhaps an absentee owner who is willfully ignorant. That’s about as bad.
And when you ask for a deposit from renters..telling them it is to repair damage or clean the place if they leave it dirty..then it seems to me the place should be clean when they move in. Otherwise folks tend to think you are just a cheat.

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