The news: Food Labeling and National Parks

I was up at 3 am. Watching CNN. There were two stories that got my attention.

The one about the food labeling that everyone seemed to hyped up about. Of course the rules should be enforced. Otherwise why bother having rules? If some folks have to obey and some folks don’t..well that’s hardly fair and will cause a heck of a lot of resentment. It might even turn some folks into terrorists…eventually. I was wondering why the rules were not being enforced? Is the payoff really that big? For who?

The other was the one about drug dealers using our national parks for producing drugs. And guarding the drugs with guns. I personally consider that an act of war. Those parks are MY parks. They are your parks too. If you are a U.S. citizen anyway and if you are not they still yours in the sense that any conservation serves the whole world. And those drug dealers are making it unsafe for you and me to visit our parks. And they are violating the law as well. The government needs to do whatever it takes to stop them. Including sending in the army. They just need to let me know first so I can be sure and stay home that day :p

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