Solar powered water

I want some bird baths for my yard. I read that hummingbirds like fountains. So I was looking and came across some solar powered fountains and falls. They are pretty neat. This Floating Solar Pond Lily Fountainis for a pond or pool. This one can be set up anywhere it can get sun Indoor or Outdoor Solar Garden Fountain

I really want both of those. I will have to build a pond or get one of those childrens wadeing pools set up in my yard for it. The other would go right on my porch as it is now. It wouldn’t be as good for the hummingbirds though. I suppose other birds wouldn’t like it as much on the porch either. Hmmm perhaps I should build a deck…

They also have some solar powered water bowls that are just to keep the water from freezing in the winter. Those are neat too.

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