Trip to town

It’s 15 miles to town from here. So a nice little drive. Or it was before the highway construction began..two or was it three years ago? They are widening the highway that goes from one side of the state to the other and this little bit cuts through Crowleys Ridge and so is taking them longer. The have moved traffic from one side to the other several times. Put down extra lanes for the traffic while they build up the land where the road is going to be…or lower the land in some cases. Hopefully it will be finished on year. It seems to be taking forever. It would be a lovely ride if it were not for all those big tractors and torn up bits of roadway. Lots of the land is still wooded and has much wildlife here. Last week there were two deer eating in my front yard when I went out on the porch in the morning. I love that. I want my nice drive back.

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