Weight loss

I love Amino Sculpt. I used it before a couple of years ago. It really does work. If you are watching what you eat and take as directed that is.

It doesn’t work miracles. You can’t eat a gallon of ice cream and a pack of cookies and still expect to lose weight. Not unless you have an extremely high metabolism and/or are working out a heck of a lot anyway.

I really liked that it helped take off fat which I have in the worst places. I certainly don’t need to lose any muscle as I don’t have that much as it is. Most diets cause you to lose muscle as well as fat. And since muscle burns more fat than fat does…the more muscle you have the better.

I am starting to use it agian for a bit as I gained a lot when I stopped smoking. I know that quitting the smoking was one of the best things I could do for myself. It’s hard to remember that when I can’t get into my favorite pair of pants. If I can get back down to where I was before I quit smoking. I will probably the healthiest I have been since my early twenties. That will be a good thing.

If you are wanting to lose some weight check it out. Amino Sculpt.

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