Bridge down

The news reports of this look really bad. And so far they are reporting that not all the people who were on the bridge have been found yet. And since it’s that time of the year when lots of folks take off for vacation there might actually be a few folks who no one will realize are missing for a day or so. I am sure all those folks on the bridge were scared silly at the time. It’s hard to imagine.
Folks under and around it were probably scared too. And some hurt maybe. There were reports from a boat that just missed being under the bridge by a few minutes. That would have been really bad. All that falling on you. Were there any boats actually under it? Probably only small ones if so..otherwise it would all over the news. There was a train under it on one side that got crushed. No reports of anything dangerous on the train so far. That would have been big news I expect. Some folks were evacuated from around the bridge however so the area must be dangerous…gas pipes maybe?
Hopefully all those other bridges in this country that they say are dangerous will get fixed or replaced now so this doesn’t happen again. Once is too much. Imagine a longer bridge..over a swifter part of the river..there would likely be few survivors of such a collapse.

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