The air conditioner burned up here last night. With a really bad stink and smoke. No actually fire though. 911 call brought a sheriffs deputy out here looking around. Finally found a bunch of burned wire in the central air unit. Turned off all the power to it and told us to get a repairman out asap. So today every company in the phone book in this area was called. It being a Sunday of course it was expected that most were closed and answering machines would take a message. That did happen in two cases. Several others just had no answer at all. Three places actually had real people pick up the phone. One wanted 65 dollars just to come look at the unit and give a price on fixing it. Another wanted 40 dollars. Both would not come out till Monday. The third would come look free…today. The repair man showed up. Looked at it. Says it needs cleaning, which was known and agreed with. Says it also needs it’s drainage system fixed as it is actually dangerous. And of course all those burnt wires need replacing. He will do all that and do it tomorrow and will take payments. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg (assuming the quoted price being accurate)but only cost an ankle. Not bad at all. If he does a good job he will have increased his costumer base by at least 3 families. Possibly more once the neighbors hear about it. So a good deal all around.

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