Cooling off

There are still a lot of hummingbirds feeding on my porch. I took some pics and have them on Flickr but haven’t figured out how to post them yet.

It’s cooled off a lot here. Was down in the 60s last night. And only going to be in the 80’s today. Thats really nice. Don’t have to run the air conditioner all the time now.

I have been playing LOTRO a lot lately. I have my lore-master up to level 17. Should get to 18 today. She is a metalsmith and getting good at that too. My others are mostly lower level still except for the hunter who is 20. It will be a very long time before any of them get to the high levels.

I am having problems with allergies lately as well and seem to not be thinking really well and I get frustrated very easy. So not been posting as much. I will get back to it soon though I hope.

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