Hummingbirds Galore

Around 40 or so at a time. The number goes up and down and since they are rarely still for long and never all at once it’s hard to say exactly how many there are. Some are sitting in the cypress tree. Some are perched in the Althea tree. Some on the Maple. And some are on the wire trellis that holds the rose limbs. A few perch on the artificial trees on the porch or on the hummingbird vine that is on the front. And there are seem to be at least 5 around each feeder constantly. So the count may actually be higher than 40. They do not seem to be all of one sort either. Some have the colored throats and others do not. The small feeder has to be filled 3 to 4 times a day for the last few days. The big ones usually last all day. I try to fill it before I go to bed so they have breakfast ready when they show up.

This won’t last for long and I am enjoying it while does. It is much fun to watch them chase each other off or to see several hovering and taking turns to eat at one feeder. They also eat from the flowers. There just are not enough flowers for them all. Next year perhaps there will be more.

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