I have a beagle. I have always loved beagles. So when there was a beagle won the hound section of the Westminster dog show I of course HAD to watch to the end. I was hopeing the beagle would win. There were other lovely dogs in that contest too though and they kept saying that a beagle had never won. So I didn’t really expect it. He was the loveliest and cutest little loud mouthed dog though. And then they announced the winner..the Beagle!!! That was well worth staying up late for.

Lots of news stories now are saying that there will be more beagles in animal shelters now. Apparently everyone will want to breed them and there won’t be homes for them…so if you are thinking of doing that..please be sure you have homes for them first. Many of them are killed at shelters because there is no room and no one adopts them quick enough. That sucks. Thanks!

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