We always seem to be short of it lately and this past weekend we bought a used Mazda we now have to make payments on. I’m starting to wonder if we are insane. On the bright side I got a check in the mail from Inboxdollars which is nice since I have to get tags and all for the truck now. I think that money will just about cover it. At least If I don’t have to do the personal taxes right off. I hope so anyway. The truck will be good for hauling stuff for the yard and garden. I need to get some mulch and potting soil so it will be neat to get it all at once and not have to mess up my car.

Transplanting will start soon. I have several trees and some blueberry bushes to take care of. And I am planting some tomatoes this year too. It will be fun and maybe help lower the grocery bill. Will have to think of what else I could plant that will help.

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