Was thinking about this today. People often do not seem to really think about the consequences of thier actions. Or at least not all of the consequences. Problem is you can’t really get away with anything..not completely. Even if no one sees you and the law doesn’t come knocking or something like that..there are still consequences. Stess, fear, low self esteem, loss of self respect, always worrying if someone did see ya or will find out. And for some things like stealing gas..there are other consequences. The gas stations have to raise prices more to cover the cost of what was stolen..they don’t want to lose money either. This makes things worse for everyone else. Stealing cars..even if you only steal new ones off car lots and you think this hurts no one but insurance are companies raise prices to cover thier losses..this hurts everyone..especially poorer folks who are already stretching to make ends meet. Same for shoplifting. And telling lies..well it only takes once for folks to lose confidence and trust in you. Sometimes you might think you got away with it..but as with everything there is at least the stress of knowing you might get caught out sometime..and you have to remember the lies so you don’t contradict yourself..and often you have to tell  more lies to back up the first goes on and on. Talking bad about them behind peoples backs? Well the person you are talking to is going to know..and if that person hears you tell the person you are talking about something different than what you said to them..well that trust and respect just flew out the window. And they will be thinking you are probably doing the same to them too. Always consequences. Can’t ever really get away with anything. Best be sure you will be happy with whatever consequences happen. This is true for good things too of course. Every nice thing you say about someone has a consequence too. Every good thing you do..every right and honest thing you do has a consequence. Your choice always. Make the world better or worse. Every little bit counts.

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  1. I agree – people can be so thoughtless, and I am often shocked at MYSELF when I fall into that behavior unassumingly – like when I don't pay attention and accidentally cut someone off… or get in front of someone in line b/c I once again am just so focused on what I have to do I am not even noticing other people. I know those are little things but it all contributes, and I hate when I get lax like that. Kids these days just don't have that character to put themselves in other people's shoes – too much entitlement… and I fear where that will lead!!
    Great post. came here from the Wednesday Window!!

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