My uncle and a goose egg

I have been thinking about my uncle a lot lately. This morning I was remembering a time when he played a trick on my husband. My husband was a city boy before he came to Arkansas and my uncle liked telling him stories about snipe hunting and playing other tricks. This time he had gotten a goose egg from our neighbors and put it in our chicken pen with the chicken eggs. When my husband went in to get the eggs there was this huge egg laying there..about three times bigger than the other eggs. He picked it up and showed it to me and his eyes were huge…but it didn’t take him long to realize that those chickens couldn’t have laid that huge egg. But he took it inside and pretended he thought it came from his chickens..and my uncle was so tickled he couldn’t stop laughing. He laughed about that for weeks.

It has been almost two years now since my uncle died. I miss him.

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