Chicken waterer jug

I got a 3 gallon chicken waterer the other day. It is a big jug set down in a red tray. The lid is supposed to create a vacuum that keeps the water from just completely running out. The instructions say to tighten the lid to create a vacuum but do not say how tight that has to be…it also says not to tighten too much. I apparently am doing one or the other. I tried to fill it again a few minutes ago and the water still ran out. It must be too tight. This is going to take some practice. I thought it would be easier. That’s what I get for thinking. :p


  1. So, does a chicken waterer actually water chickens? Wow!

    I play LOTRO on Silverlode as a Loremaster, although I've taken a couple of months off because my son is three and gets into mischief if I don't keep an eye on him!

  2. It is supposed to water chickens and it will If I can get the sucker to work.

    I am also a loremaster!! I might as well have taken time off. I logged in last week and found my house being foreclosed on me. I had forgotten about it the few times I logged in. With summer coming I'll have more time I think. Sounds like it might be a couple of years in your case LOL. Three year olds are hard to keep up with. How long have you been playing?

  3. I started playing in beta as a way to spend time with my husband, and then when the game went live. But I found that I really enjoyed it! We were in a kinship and did raids on Saturday nights, but once my son became ambulatory, something had to give. I hope to start up again in the summer as well!

    I don't know about you, but I REALLY like that one loremaster spell that make the lightning strikes! I wish I had that in real life sometimes!

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