Is that Amazon widget working?

The Amazon deals widget/gadget on the top right. I’m probably gonna move it later but I need to know if the sucker is actually working or not. So is it working? It should be showing a little picture of one of the special deals of the day from Amazon.

If it is working..what do you think of it? Is that a good spot for it? If not where should it be? Should it be at all? Oh and what do you think of my new disclosure page? Good? Bad? Ugly?

What about my site design? Any tips? All help will be appreciated. I might not like it but if it helps make it better…then I will appreciate it. No matter how much it hurts.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting. I'm following you back!

    (I don't know anything about the amazon widget!)

    Mrs. White

  2. Thanks for visiting, following you back :) Your disclosure page made me giggle, so very true! And the Amazon deal widget seems to be working just fine. Have a good weekend!

  3. Hi, What a fun site! Your Amazon widget looks great. Your disclosure page also looks good. And, only because you asked, the wording in you header gets a little lost with the stars. Maybe just a different color for your words or just have the stars around your words. But really, it is still looks good and comes across cheerful and fun. My site is straight from a template and needs much more tender care. I hope you still love me. Happy to be following back from the blog hop! Janae

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