My new header and blog button

Yep they were made in MS paint. If I had a kid around I might have him just color a page and take a pic of it but the little ones are not here right now so I’m making do.

Please check the button out and see if it works correctly. It didn’t the first two times it was put on here but I think it is now. If it doesn’t work right please let me know. And in that case please tell me how to fix it too!

I may have to hire a professional to get a really nice looking blog but that will have to wait till some money comes in. In the meantime I am open to suggestions. 

Thanks :) Elle


  1. Hi, luv the new header!
    Your Twitter button works.
    I'm not yet familiar with the "Grab My Button" button, can you help me out with that?

  2. I meant the button on the right that looks pretty much the same as my header with the has the html below it that you can copy and paste on your own blog. Mine is on my right sidebar. And thank you for following me on twitter! I followed you back.

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